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Thanks for visiting!

Welcome to our site. We are pleased that you stopped by, and appreciate your willingness to explore our efforts in Kingdom work.

This is an evangelistic ministry whose sole purpose is to present the Gospel in Word, and in action. Christ redeemed us and has given us good gifts to use towards spreading the Gospel to the lost. We pray that you will find our ministry opportunities fitting to your needs and that it compels you to begin, or continue your walk.

Look through our links in order to find out more about us, and opportunities to serve.


Honoring the legacy of Bishop Aletha J. Cushinberry.

For 49 years she was the angel of Topeka's Apostolic Church of Jesus and served as my Pastor, mentor, and friend for over 24yrs. The Lord called her home from her earthly to her eternal reward on December 26, 2015. The fruit of her labor is expressed in the character of souls who are faithfully following Christ.  

We love, miss, and celebrate you Bishop Cushinberry

Pastor Terry Canady

Truly excited about my brother, Pastor Frank "Terry" Canady as the angel of Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ. Continue to keep him in your prayers as he leads the people of God in fulfillment of the vision that is upon this great ministry, that is heading into 3rd year under his leadership


This Weeks Message

Our theme for 2018 is from Psalms 16:11, Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. We pray that each of us will strive to be in God's presence by intentionally serving the Lord in obedience to His will in every aspect of our lives.  

In the 23rd David states, "The Lord is my shepherd." In order for that to be possible, we must desire to find sufficiency in God's provisions, and submit to His leading us in the path of righteousness, for His namesake. This implies that we walk according to the spirit, and not the desires of our flesh.  

Such a disciplined life, in the midst of perilous times, require that we embraced the spiritual maturity that is necessary to avoid conforming to the world's standard of addressing world problems.

I compel each of you to enhance your spiritual walk by;
  • Development of a daily prayer life that involves talking, and asking less, and listening to the spirit response more.
  • Daily study of the Word that involves an expository (comprehensive explanation of the Scripture) approach, attached with a spiritual desire to subject your flesh so that you can live out the word.
  • Fast! This should not be about not doing something (not eating, not being on Facebook, etc), but about creating a tension by creating a hunger for something that you have allowed to control you, and feeding it with the Word, and service.
  • Surround yourself with God-focused ministries. The physical church is dead, but the spiritual Church is alive and well. As we have been instructed by Thom S. Rainer, conduct an on your ministry toward bringing it to life, and preparing for its funeral. Do immediately what you need to do to get yourself connect with a ministry that is "alive" in the spirit.

The cloud has moved! Those in the spirit are moving with it!


Pastor Hymon