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Pastor John B. Hymon

Raised in the Baptist Church, Pastor Hymon was baptized in Jesus' name on September 1, at the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Topeka Kansas, where Suffragan Bishop Dr. Aletha J. Cushinberry is Pastor. He received the baptism of the Holy Ghost on January 6, during an evening tarry service.

He professed his call to the ministry in and obtained his Fellowship papers with the Northwestern District Council {NwDC}, 14th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World {PAW}. In the June 2001 session of the Northwestern District Council, Minister Hymon was elected as the Superintendent of Christian and was re-elected to serve a second term in the June 2004.

He completed his final term as Superintendent at the close of the June 2007 session of the Northwestern District Council. Minister Hymon completed the Aenon Bible College Ministerial Introduction course through the Victorious Life Bible Institute, graduating in June of 2002. He became a licensed Elder in the PAW.

After the passing of Pastor Aida Ford in 2003, Elder Hymon was appointed to complete the term of office as Second Vice-President of the International Christian Education Association {I.C.E.A.} of the PAW. He was elected to that same position during the summer session of the National PAW Summer convention in Chicago, Illinois in July of 2004 and served through the summer of 2007.

Pastor Hymon completed the Aenon Bible Course and was ordained in the June 2013 session of the Northwestern District Council at the Victorious Life Church in Kansas City, Mo. Prior to the launch of Raptuready Ministries, Pastor Hymon served nearly 22 years under the leadership of Suffragan Bishop Cushinberry as Associate Pastor and Director of Outreach, Sunday School Superintendent, and as a Sunday school teacher. Elder Hymon also served as Head of the Sound & Video Ministry, and Transportation Ministries of the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ.

January 12, 2013, Johnnetta M. Brown-Hymon, John’s wife of nearly 32 years, finished her lengthy battle with cancer. Pastor Hymon considers his 39 years in the field of social services and is currently a Junior Social Work major at Washburn University, where he is slated to received his undergrad in 2019, to continue to graduate school and thereafter open a private practice. The Lord upon his heart, to continue Johnnetta’s 29 year legacy of providing excellent childcare, and with the help of the Lord will open “Netta’s Nest Daycare” in the future, which will be an of his private practice.

Pastor Hymon continues to celebrate the gifts and joy of his union with Johnnetta with his three amazing adult children Johnnelle, Jennifur (Katie), Jordan; (Ashley), and a beautiful granddaughter, Ahn’Zure Marie Scott.

The Lord's blessings continue as He has allowed Pastor Hymon to enter matrimony once again with his newly beloved Toiane (Toi) on August 1st, 2015. They were blessed to have many in attendance to share in their entry into this new God ordained journey.